I'm Kacper Los

An engineer, inventor ,designer, and a leader

About Me

Due to my deep curiosity about the world and constant exploration of its vast possibilities, my lifelong goal is to learn as much as possible from diverse fields of science and from the brilliant minds I encounter along the way. Gaining new perspectives allows me to approach problems from multiple angles, fostering a deeper understanding of diverse viewpoints and enhancing my ability to collaborate and lead in multicultural environments.

I believe life becomes infinitely more interesting when you have something to look forward to and dream about. This dream fuels my resilience and determination to overcome life’s challenges, turning obstacles into opportunities.

I am passionate about developing new ideas, designing, and building new things.
With a degree in mechatronics from Wroclaw University of Technology, I have further refined skills honed through self-learning across various fields such as high-tech, mechanical and electronics engineering, architecture, computer simulations, and construction.
My early hands-on experiences and natural curiosity have enabled me to develop a strong foundation and a versatile skill set, allowing me to tackle complex engineering challenges and innovate effectively.

My experiences in multinational environments, including volunteering in Iceland and participating in the Work&Travel program in the US, have further enriched my perspective and leadership abilities.

With my engineering mindset, combined with my ability to work and lead in diverse environments, I am dedicated to overcoming challenges and developing solutions that benefit the many, not just the few.
I am eager to collaborate on projects that make a meaningful impact through innovative ideas.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

My Projects

My Skills

During my academic studies, I focus especially on gaining interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. In choosing which project to work on next, I always think about the skills I will acquire while working on it. Below is an overview of the skills I’ve developed through my independent work.

One of the most important aspects of working on a project is a proper blueprint. For 2D design I use AutoCAD software made by AutoDesk. I am confident in the basics of making construction and architectural drawings, as well as, preparing technical documentations and material lists.

When it comes to 3D design, I mainly use Fusion 360 and SOLIDWORKS, but occasionally I utilize Inventor. I can design 3D models of various technical parts and create a 3D animation of their components. These animations are pivotal because they show how each specific part of the model behaves and influences others. I can also export 3D models to STL files and print them on a 3D printer. In addition to that, recently I got into computer simulations i.e. aerodynamics and stress sim. that I perform in Ansys software.

With 3D printing technology, I’m able to rapidly design and prototype innovative, complex parts that are both strong and cost-effective. I know how to export 3D models to STL files, and upload them to the slicer software. I regularly use the Cura slicer. I know how to set proper parameters for printing with different materials such as PLA, PETG, ABS.

I can draw and read electronic circuits, design PCBs and test them using Autodesk Eagle software. I know how to implement these circuits into mechanical sections so that they can form functional projects. During developing my projects I have learned how to test and diagnose circuits before powering them, using advanced multimeters, oscillators etc.

I can use microcontrollers such as Arduino (Atmega) alongside a proper electronic circuit to control motors, read and store data from sensors, etc. Besides Arduino, I also know how to use Raspberry Pi and code in C#.

I know how to solder electronic circuits on single and multi-layer prototyping boards useing simple tools and multipurpose soldering stations. I know when to choose THT electronic components and SMD parts and how to properly attach them to PCBs or electronic boards.

I know how to draw and design electrical schematics, how to choose proper electrical components such as cables (types, gauges), fuses (i.e. RCCB), switchgears. I know how to calculate power consumptions, capacitance, short-circuit currents, and how to read electrical characteristics (i.e. I^2 and response charact. of fuses).

I can do all the necessary preparations for welding including cleaning, grinding, clamping, squaring, etc. I am most familiarized with MMA welding, because I have this type of welder machine in my garage, but during my time in scientific group at my university I was welding using MIG technique.

I know how to use various power tools such as a drill, impact driver, miter saw, circular saw, table saw, etc. I can draw the necessary marks and lines, use various levels, squaresjigs etc. Using these skills, I was able to build a sturdy shed that stood its ground against strong winds.

My Passions

I have many passions because I love to discover new possibilities and develop new abilities. Two of my biggest passions, though, are sport and music.

I prefer outdoor sports. Since discovering rock climbing, I have spent most of the time climbing in various mountains in Poland. One of my favorite sports is street workout. I enjoy to train it so much that I built an entire park with bars and jungle gym in my garden.

Besides climbing, I also love running and cycling. Every year I pack a tent, food, and camping gear and go on a cycling tour across Poland and Europe. I’ve been to many places during my trips e.g. USA, Iceland, Scandinavia, and most of the Europe.

When it comes to music, I like to play the guitar, especially the acoustic and electric guitar. Playing my own improvisations allows me to grow my creativity and imagination. I also discovered that music is a wonderful way to let my mind take a break from solving various engineering problems.

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