My Technical Drawings

One of the most important things I’ve learned while working on my multiple projects is that the proper blueprint is the key to success. Therefore I’ve devoted lots of time and energy to learn how to design things, how to use a blueprint to catch mistakes before they come out in reality. I’ve spent hours learning different tools and design techniques to design better devices and constructions. Thus I know how to make 2D drawings from different perspectives, and also how to make 3D models of different devices. For all my projects I use AutoCad for 2D drawings and Fusion 360 for 3D models.

Engineering Drawings

Recently I’ve learned how to use GD&T, how to prepare manufacturing drawings, and how to design more sophisticated parts like gearboxes, shafts, etc. using technical standards and guidelines. The bevel gearbox that I designed was my final project for the semester at the university. I also designed a concept of a roller-screw actuator. As part of this project, I conducted a strength analysis and based on it I selected the appropriate materials and elements of the assembly.

You can download best-quality PDF files with my drawings: assembly drawing / manufacturing drawing Here are the technical drawings of roller-screw actuator: 1/2/3

3D Models

This section consists of various 3d models I created over the years, using different software such as Fusion 360, Inventor, and SOLIDWORKS. The first few photos depict my biggest project called Solar Platform.

I designed this entire 3D model in Fusion 360 and print most of the parts on my 3D printer. I also attached PDF files of the meteorologic cage, and solar box 1, 2 that I made out of plywood.

Welding Drawings

Construction Drawings

In addition to the main architectural blueprint, I attached electrical drawings, where you can see the entire electrical system of this building that will be completely independent from the main house.
You can download the best-quality blueprint of this shed in a PDF file.

To see how these technical drawings and blueprints turned out in reality click this button: