Welding Projects

Even though I have just started learning welding techniques I have done some useful projects so far. I don’t have a professional welding table, but I came up with an alternative solution. I bought a metal sheet that fits my garage table. I put this sheet on the small wooden spacers to increase ventilation and reduce the risk of burning my wooden countertop during the welding process.

Street Workout Park

One of my favorite activities is street workout. It’s a discipline where you gain your strength through bodyweight training. I wanted to build a simple metal bar in my garden, to train, but I wasn’t experienced enough to do this project. I asked my grandpa who’s an architect to help me with this problem. Initially, we wanted to design only this one bar, but eventually, we ended up with a blueprint of a whole street workout park with lots of different bars and monkey bars.

This park the very first project that I was able to design and build with my grandfather, and this was the beginning of my interest in construction and designing. This project made me aware of my technical abilities and led to the beginning of my engineering career.

Metal Rack

I built this rack to store all the towels, bedspreads and pillows in one place in a laundry room. The rack spreads across the entire wall. I used steel square tubes to make an outer frame and steel T-bars to make a supporting frame. For the shelving, I used plywood.

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Garden Table

In January 2020, I came up with an idea to build a table to put on top of a well in my garden. There is a place for a campfire near the well, so I wanted to create a space to put food and drinks during a barbecue. I designed a rounded table made of wooden boards and steel angle irons. I created the technical blueprint using AutoCAD software.

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Welding Stool

In December 2020 I designed a metal stool that allows me to sit comfortably in the optimal position during the welding process. To make this stool more versatile, I used a metal rod that allowed for the seat’s height to be adjusted. This adjustment allows me to use the top part of the stool as a supporting structure while cutting materials.

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