I made a regular octagon metal frame by cutting steel angle irons into 58cm long pieces. I added 158cm metal ribs to the middle to fortify the frame.

I used these four pieces of wood between the ribs as legs for the table. But first, I had to check if the space between metal parts was correct.

I cut the ends of each part of the outer frame at an angle of 22.5 degrees. Unfortunately, it was difficult to mark the exact angle with a speed square or protractor, so I used the basic principles of trigonometry to draw the cutting line.

Once I set everything up correctly I welded the entire frame with my MMA welder.

I drilled holes in the frame in order to connect the wooden boards to the metal frame. I specifically hoped to create a smooth table surface without any visible screws so attaching the screws from the bottom allowed me to do just that.

Once the frame was done, I painted all the boards and the entire frame with bronze paint and prepared it for assembly.

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